Production Capabilities

Dev Component's manufactures Electrical Stamping and Lamination for ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, air circulator motors,submersible pumps, transformers, chokes, low wattloss ballasts, generators, large motors - alternators, tacho generator lamination, magneto lamination for self starters of automobile industry, etc. The Electrical Stamping and Lamination is made in CRNGO, CRGO and Low Carbon CR Steel suitable for electrical applications.

Production of Laminations like UT & EI are fed to High Speed Pneumatic Press which are capable of running at 700 strokes per minute, Simultaneously passing the QC norms.

The average production of our plant I since its inception is about 75 Tones/month & plant I I is about 45 Tones/month . Since the market is seasonal and due to market fluctuation there will be a variation, however we have been able to cater to all seasonal fluctuations with a capability to ramp up production at short notice.

CRNGO Laminations

We guarantee the usage of the best available quality of Electrical Steel. We also manufacture special laminations based on customer specifications.

We specialize in U & T laminations for 40W ballast, HID Ballast, special types for ultra slim ballast etc. We also manufacture CRNGO STRIPS WITH HOLES for transformers using high grade imported CRNGO Electrical Steel resulting in substantial savings in terms of losses generated and current drawn.

CRNGO Stampings

A complete range of silicon lamination stampings in CRNGO grades are manufactured depending on the customer design. We manufacture a wide range of stampings normally industry standard for 0.5HP to 10 HP(dia ranging from 87 mm to 230mm) motors and also for 4”, 6”, & 8” submersible pumps.

CRGO Laminations

CRGO Core Electrical Lamination: Popularly known as Transformer core. We manufacture Transformer Core laminations from Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) steel in grades M3, M4, M5, M6 as per customer's design specifications. Apart from this, we also manufacture CRGO Laminations for alternative applications like "Welding Machine" and "Servo Voltage Stabilizers" manufacturers. Having direct contacts with several CRGO Electrical steel producing mills & stockists worldwide, we maintain adequate & smooth supply of CRGO steel.

CRNO / CRGO Slit Coils

With our vast industry exposure we have tied up with reputed companies in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malyasia, Japan, to source CRNGO, CRGO coils at very competitive rates. We can source and supply our customers with raw material also if need be, We can procure slit to size, sheet cut to size crngo, from 1300grade to 230 grade in container loads.

  • Transformer Lamination
  • Stabilizers Lamination
  • Inverters Lamination
  • Ceiling Fans Stamping
  • Exhaust Fans Stamping
  • Generator Stamping
  • A/C Motor Stamping
  • Chokes Stamping
  • Shuttering Plates
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